Welcome from the Board

Welcome to Radiant Life College! We are immensely honoured to serve as Board Members of this warm and caring Christian school.

Who we are 

Radiant Life College is an established independent non-denominational Christian College located in the township of Innisfail in Far North Queensland. The mission of the College is to provide educational opportunities to Indigenous and disengaged students.

Radiant Life College welcomes enrolments from Indigenous and non-Indigenous students alike, however it is anticipated that the educational philosophy of Radiant Life College will continue to attract a predominately Indigenous student population.
Radiant Life College mission and ethos has provided a unique educational choice to the community of Innisfail and the surrounding Johnstone shire. The local community has a high Indigenous population which is reflected in the ratio of Indigenous and non-Indigenous student enrolments.
The College is accredited to provide education to students from Preparatory to Year 10. Currently, there are 94 students enrolled at Radiant Life College.
Current enrolment statistics show that of the 94 students attending Radiant Life College, 95 % are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.
The College firmly believes in strengthening the involvement of families and elders in developing cultural connection as well as promoting engagement of the broader community in creating harmonious relationships and co-existence of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people alike.
Radiant Life College is not alone in its passion to preserve our First Nation Peoples cultures.
In 2008, a recommendation by the Australian Human Rights Commission, that Australia ratify UNESCO’s 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage; stated: “Maintaining Australia’s cultural heritage, in all its many forms, has both a human capital and an economic capital dividend. Respecting, nurturing and supporting intangible cultural heritage has clear social benefits as well as health benefits.”
We look forward to a long, and productive association working with the Radiant Life College team, parents, students and wider community to assist in the provision of an accessible, holistic educational program provided in a warm and welcoming Christian environment.
Thank You and God Bless,

‘Chairperson – Pastor Anthony Edwards Junior’