College Mission

Radiant Life College is a non-denominational Christian school with the Bible being the integrating factor in all areas of learning and activities, recognising that God is the giver of all truth.

Positive Behaviour

Our Positive Behaviour Program is the philosophy and practice of recognising the importance of positive relationships among all members of our school community.

Our School Curriculum

At Radiant Life College we are committed to your child’s academic, physical, social and spiritual development as well as recognising their individual strengths and talents.

Pastoral Care

Our Pastors recognises that every Student is unique and precious and that the environment in which they are nourished will play a pivotal role in their development.

Welcome to Radiant Life College

Radiant Life College welcomes students from all cultures, and is passionate about the education of indigenous children.

We believe that we have the know-how to draw out the very best potential in every child. We are a non-denominational, independent Christian school Located in Innisfail North Queensland.

Our school has been birthed and upheld on the principles of the Bible, and grass roots community involvement. We strongly believe that by providing modern educational tools, state leading student attendance and a nurturing environment we can lay the foundations for life long success.

Presently our school caters to grades Pre-Prep to Year 7. Our school curriculum is in accordance with Australian Curriculum, and we are fortunate as an Independent school to be able to offer extra-curricular activities that afford the opportunity to every child to shine in their own unique way.

The commencement of the 2014 school year introduced a newly formed board, Radiant Life Education as the Governing Body of Radiant Life College. The mission of Radiant Life Education is to ensure that the needs of each child are met so that they are able to learn and achieve in an environment that is safe and stable. Our intent is to develop a relationship with each child that we may discover the treasures that lie within and build their confidence that they may be able to then express themselves and function in a positive and productive way in society.

In addition to developing our children in literacy and numeracy, we offer a solid Christian Living program which includes community singing, creativity, bible teaching and instruction, drama performance, morning devotional and prayer with the Church Pastor and Christian practices in the community.

Radiant Life College is dedicated to providing an art program that is expressive and unique, recognising individuality and potential in your child.

Our students love their sports, and we ensure that we are always introducing them to new sports to encourage their confidence and community participation. This term our students completed a Swimming Program that was a huge success and received with great enthusiasm by our students.

2022 School Photos

2022 School photos are on Thursday 10th March 2022. Please download, complete and return the order form below by Wednesday 9th March 2022