At Radiant Life College we are committed to your child’s academic, physical, social and spiritual development as well as recognising their individual strengths and talents.


At Radiant Life College, we know that each child is unique and precious in God’s eyes. We aim to support the positive progression of the early stages of children’s development through a play based learning approach. Our foundation learning is centeredaround the Australian Curriculum and Early Years Learning Framework and we aim to meet the students’ independent needs in a fun and stimulating learning environment. Our prep students are an integral part of the broader school community and their transition into school life is our highest priority. Radiant Life College supports this transition through our ‘Ready, Set, Prep’ program that allows our students and families to understand and feel prepared for the beginning of school.


At Radiant Life College, our primary school students are welcomed by educators who are dedicated and committed towards the personal development and growth of each student whilst realizing and tapping into their academic potential. We achieve this through a strong pastoral support network whilst inviting children to foster a lifelong love of learning. In the primary learning years, emphasis is placed on developing strong numeracy and literacy skills. Your child will enjoy a hands-on learning approach that targets students to make connections to themselves and the world.


Radiant Life College recognizes that every student is unique and precious and that the environment in which they are nourished will play a vital role in how they deal with the responsibility of adulthood. Our staff are committed towards providing programs that protect and care for every student.


Radiant Life College offers extra curricula programs to allow children to express their talents and skills in a creative environment. Our teaching aims to focus on the individual learner, what the learner knows and what the learner can do with this new knowledge. These programs include Physical Education, Music, ICT and Cultural lessons.


At Radiant Life College we have a specialist Physical Education teacher who conducts weekly lessons across all year levels. Our PE program includes elements of daily fitness activities with a focus on the development of physical skills across a wide variety of sports. An active Physical Educational program includes instructing all year levels in a variety of physical skills to suit their age level.


Our music program allows students the opportunity to learn a musical instrument including the ukulele. Children can participate in the school choir and compete in local school events as well as develop an understanding towards musical rhythms and patterns.


Radiant Life College offers and extensive ICT program that allows students to learn hands on new technological skills. The children have the opportunity to work with modern technology and develop strong ICT skills and knowledge around a variety of software and programs. Our teaching staff place a high level of importance towards the promotion and teaching of internet safety.


Our Indigenous community plays an active role with our students at Radiant Life College. Cultural lessons allow the children to have a historical understanding towards their local area as well as develop a high level of respect towards cultural acceptance and awareness.