Policies and Governance

Radiant Life College is committed to improving the academic levels of our students as well as supporting our parents and the wider community. The reports below will provide information regarding our achievements, programs and the goals within the college.


At Radiant Life College we believe in a safe, supportive and disciplined environment that creates respect and
allows effective learning to take place.
All students have a right to learn.
All Teachers have a right to teach.
Everyone has a right to be in a safe and supportive environment.
At Radiant Life College we have developed and implemented a number of policies to ensure the protection of our students, staff, visitors and property.


Radiant Life College respects the importance of choosing an appropriate school for your children which is why we aim to provide a quality education in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment. Our curriculum is fully accredited with the relevant educational authorities and aims to support the individual needs of every student. Our teachers are able to design their yearly planning through the Australian Curriculum with a focus on a biblical education.
The Radiant Life College values are based on biblical and family beliefs that promote cultural and religious acceptance.
As part of our commitment to parents and the wider community, the reports available for download provide information about our policies, achievements, programs and ongoing goals of the College.


Work Health and Safety Policy
Privacy Policy
Family Law Policy
Child Risk Management Strategy
Complaints Handling Policy
Child Protection Policy
Disability Discrimination Policy