School Master Plan and Strategic plan

The commencement of the 2014 school year introduced a newly formed board, Radiant Life Education as the Governing Body of Radiant Life College. The mission of Radiant Life Education is to ensure that the needs of each child are met so that they are able to learn and achieve in an environment that is safe and stable. Since its inception, there have been vast improvements to the school across all areas. Below are some of many improvements made to the school along with our plans for the future.

Goondi Cafe Completed 2015

Completed in 2015 our Goondi cafe and kitchen serves as a meal preparation, learning and meeting place. This commercial kitchen and cafe is used daily to prepare breakfast and lunch meals for students and staff. Our kitchen is fully equipped with commercial cooking appliances and tools.

The kitchen is spacious enough to hold lessons inside so students can learn about nutrition and healthy eating. In the cafe, our students learn about safe food preparation and handling serving their peers and staff.

With the support of Mamu Health service, our kitchen is used to hold cooking events where parents and carers can learn easy and healthy meal ideas. The Goondi Cafe is a great example of the school’s commitment to improving the health and well-being of students and community.

Trade and Arts Center Completed 2015

Adjoining the Goondi cafe is our Arts and Trade Education Center. This large space has been designed so students can explore the artistic side.

Part of our art curriculum focuses on indigenous artwork and how it has passed culture and stories through thousands of years and generations. Using a hands on and fun learning our students can explore the rich culture and history of our local indigenous people.

Basketball and Tennis Court Refurbishment Completed 2015

Our basketball and tennis were resurfaced in 2015 with a new anti-slip UV resistant coating. Sporting activities are very popular among our students, with netball and basketball some of the most popular. Our netball team trains using this court and has won numerous local competitions.

In addition to this, a new net was installed so our students could participate in the sporting school’s tennis program.



Playground Refurbishment Completed 2015

Our main playground for all students was refurbished in 2015. This included all new modern equipment, colourful sade sails and sensory play area for younger children.

ARL Learning Centre and Library Completed 2016

Built in 2016 with the help of the Australian Rugby League fundraising foundation our library is bright modern learning space for our students. An important part of stocking our library with books was the inclusion of a variety of books about local and Australian indigenous tribes and culture.

The learning centre is spacious with enough room for tables and classes, a reading corner with big soft cushions, computers and 2 rooms for one on one tuition with students.

Reception and Administration Office Renovation Completed 2016

A welcome upgrade from the old facilities our administration office renovation was finished in 2016. The renovation

Prep Room Renovation Completed 2017

In 2017 our prep classroom received a major renovation removing a wall to double the size of the prep classroom. Using this space, a new play area was set up where our little prep students can dress up and role play. Along with new carpet and flooring a new playground just for the prep students was built right outside the class.