Cultural Education

Cultural education plays an important role within our school and community. It’s so important for our students to learn about the rich culture and history of Indigenous groups local to our area and throughout the country.

Australia’s Aboriginal history is a story over 50,000 years in the making, but one that has generally been excluded from Australia’s school education system. Our cultural curriculum provides significant opportunities for our students to improve their understanding of Aboriginal history and through this understand the legacys of the past. The benefits for true reconciliation through teaching future generations about the past 50,000 years are enormous. The history many of us carry into our adult lives is that which we are taught at school.

Understanding Our Local Culture

A great way to get our students better educated in the culture of our local people is to get them actively involved. The pictures on this page are members of our Goondoi Dance Group. The Goondoi dance group is open to all students and teaches students the traditional dances and songs of the local Mamu people.

Our Dancers perform at school events along with performances at local community and national events. Our dancers are proud to share the history of their ancestors and perform with a level of passion and commitment that would make them proud.