College Mission and Values

Radiant Life College is a non-denominational Christian school with the bible being the integrating factor in all areas of learning and activities, recognising that God is the giver of all truth.


College values

Pastoral Care

Radiant Life College recognises that every Student is unique and precious and that the environment in which they are nourished will play a pivotal role in how they deal with the responsibility of adulthood. As a result, there is support staff, programs and processes in place to protect and care for every student.

Christian Teaching

  •    Daily devotional time
  •    Values taught and modeled by all staff

Support Services

  • Church Pastor available for spiritual support
  • Student Support in place for guidance in careers and curriculum/school-related matters

Support Programs

  • Child protection policy and designated teacher officers accessible and known to all students in the College
  • Zero tolerance for bullying activated through monitoring, surveys, and programs
  • Supportive discipline policy aimed at monitoring and adjusting student behaviour, where necessary

Parental Involvement

At Radiant Life College parental input and involvement in all aspects of College life is both desirable and highly valued. The governing body is Radiant Life Education; The Board meets monthly and is responsible for the overseeing.

Other opportunities for parental involvement include:

  • The Parents and Friends Association which is responsible for all major fundraising drives and the running of the cafe
  • Focus Groups which provide valuable feedback and is used to drive continuous improvement
  • The Valued Volunteer Program offers many opportunities for volunteer support in the areas such as Support – Reader, Perceptual Motor Skills Program, and the coaching of sports teams.
  • encourage parents to assist in activities not only at a class level but also in the wider College community

Staff Development

At Radiant Life College all staff members are involved in planning and accessing personal professional development opportunities. The school administration ensures that fortnightly professional development in-servicing is available through the Director of Teaching & Learning. Staff members are also regularly updated on educational initiatives and trends at state and federal level.