Important Letter for Parents and Carers

Dear Parents and carers,
Radiant Life College will be operating in a similar way to Queensland State Schools and Catholic Schools during Term 2.
To Stop the spread of COVID-19, the Federal and State governments require all Schools to provide home-based learning opportunities. However vulnerable students and those who’s adult carers are at work during school hours are to be offered the same learning opportunity on-campus.
So that this can happen, Radiant Life College teachers will be producing teaching materials suitable for all students to learn from. The same materials will be used at home and on-campus.
On-campus students will be supervised by one teacher while all other teachers generate new materials and provide advice to the students studying at home.
The teachers will be provided with ‘school-only’ smart phones so that they can communicate with students and/or carers by phone, texts, Facebook, Facetime, emails and the website. Email addresses, phone numbers etc, will be provided with the Wednesday 22 April delivery of home based learning materials.
Included in the materials will be:
  • A sample timetable
  • Guidelines about how much work to do each day
  • Simple instructions
  • Times to talk to teachers and teacher aides
  • ABC TV Programs to watch
  • Hints about how to enjoy learning at home
From this morning, Radiant Life College buses will pick up the small number of students who must learn on-campus. They will do this at the normal pick-up times. After school, the on-campus students will return home at the normal time.
The Wednesday afternoon 22 April bus run will drop off five days teaching materials and Term One’s progress reports.
Please remember that Radiant Life College’s teachers, teacher aides and other staff are dedicated to doing the best possible for our students during this uniquely difficult time. Our College is supporting the Governments’ effort to avoid the transmission of illness in our community, especially its elders, safe.
We hope and pray that this is just a minor inconvenience in the lives of our children and not one that will be remembered as a time of tragedy.
Pastor Manni Edwards, Allan McCarroll, Jakita Fejo, on behalf of the whole Radiant Life College Family.